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Your voice. Your Community. Your health.

When decisions are made that affect our communities' health, the voices of real people are too often not heard.  Join BeHeard BeHealthy PA & be a part of the conversation.
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Better Data = Stronger Communities

When you share your voice, you're not only advocating for yourself, but also for your friends, family, and neighbors.

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Where do you want to see change in your community?

Worried about the cost of healthcare? Need access to healthy food and safe housing in your neighborhood? 

Let's make it happen. Sign up today!

Tackle the barriers to good health

BeHeard BeHealthy is a direct line from you to the officials in our state who make decisions about your community's health. By completing our surveys, you're making your voice heard!

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More about the project

BeHeard BeHealthy PA is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) and its partners throughout the state. BeHeard BeHealthy PA will ensure that the voices of real people from around our state are heard when decisions are being made that affect their communities' health.

By signing up to take part in our surveys, Pennsylvanians can weigh in on discussions taking place around the state about what communities need to get and stay healthy!

PHAN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fighting for high-quality, affordable, equitable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians.  Learn more about PHAN.

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